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Physical Therapy comprises a wide variety of techniques designed to restore function, range of motion, flexibility, resolve injury, alleviate pain, and many other benefits. At Orthology, we pride ourselves in the utilization of many different manual/hands-on skills that we use to treat soft tissue and joint problems, pain, injury, various diseases, and musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

The methods we use also includes an extraordinary variety of highly specialized exercises, manipulations and mobilizations.

Many conditions can be healed without surgery, and in fact, may heal better with treatment rather than with surgery. Physical Therapy can often benefit patients for years, enabling them to live a more active and pain-free life. Successful treatments help patients to move better, faster, and to learn healthy habits that can help them avoid problems in the future.

medical massage therapy

We offer many specialized massage therapy techniques to treat a wide variety of health issues. From painful sports injuries to joint stiffness, we have the pain relief solutions you've been looking for.


Massage therapy has been proven to increase circulation, joint range-of-motion, and flexibility. It can ease many common ailments such as stress, muscle aches, and pains. It can also treat anxiety and depression. This is your time to relax and escape the pain you have been suffering!

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